Baralier (baralier) wrote in edinburgh_pics,

Edinburgh sandstone

Hullo all!

I'm wondering if there might be some people out there who could help me with a favour?

I'm currently part of a group building a 3D city in the virtual world of Second Life. The theme we're working on is steampunk. For me this idea has always conjured up visions of Edinburgh's Old Town with that distinctive yellowie sandstone that so many of the buildings are made from.

I've been looking through the pictures here and there are some great ones but nothing that really helps me out. What I'm trying to get hold of is a nice head on picture of a stone wall or something of the old Close walls made from the yellowie sandstone blocks that I can use as a base texture to then add windows or doors or other elements as needed to the end result. I've seen some pictures of the Telfer Wall that make me think it might be good but nearly all of them show the wall trailing into the distance, rather than a nice shot of the stonework itself. Some of the pictures of Advocate's Close look like they might fit the bill but it's hard to tell.

If anyone might be willing to help out or wants to post links to stuff they think might be what I'm looking for in the replies I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.
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