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Pictures of Edinburgh

being a pictographic record of the people, places etc. of the city of Edinburgh

Pictures of, and related to, Edinburgh
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Welcome to Edinburgh_pics!

A community for pictures of Edinburgh, it's people, and what they get up to. Other pictures vaguely related to Edinburgh are welcome too, as long as they're interesting to look at.

Common sense is the name of the game when it comes to rules really.

No off-topic posts, if you’re unsure of whether or not to post something drop me a private message.

Do not feed the trolls; please do not reply to anyone trolling, at least not using any of the language that they are. No being abusive in any way. If anyone makes any rude, crass, extremely unnecessary, racist, sexist or homophobic comments, that person will be banned from the community. If you think there is anybody being rude that I’ve missed or if you’re being harassed in this community, please let me know.

One medium sized photo only outside of a cut, as many as you like under the cut!
If there are a few small images only or if you have a medium sized composite of a few images then there doesn’t need to be a cut. Hopefully you can decide if the images are too large to be outside of a cut by yourself.

If you’d like to post something that isn’t a photograph it must be related to Edinburgh and Pictures, say a free photography exhibition you’ve been to, or a place that you’ve found that is particularly photogenic. The exception I’d like to make to this is people trying to sell their photographs. Any adverts of that nature will be deleted at my discretion.

This is page is still being updated, changes may be made :)

Interests-list stolen wholesale from edinburgers, which, incidentally is a much better place for anything without pictures on it.